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Termiko Ltd. began supplying and introducing in its systems vacuum solar collectors manufactured by the world leader in this sector, the German-based company SCHOTT AG, which provides guaranteed high quality and efficient products More...
March – the Termiko designers completed a project for a common gas installation and individual internal gas installations of a residential building in the Vitosha Section with 33 flats and 5 shops. Assigner – Sayady Ltd. In March 2007, Termiko Ltd. experts began designing a distribution gas-main for supplying with gas the USJE Cement Plant, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, with the assignor Titan AD Cementarnica, USJE, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. In March, the complete gas installation of a residential building with 15 flats was completed with the investor Lachel – Stroyinvest Ltd under the project of "Gaztek BG" AD.

Again in January, the gas installation of the Kristal Plant Metalworking Workshop, Pernik, was designed as the heating was provided by gas radiators and the hot water boiler by a heat exchange boiler. Compressed gas methane supplied through bottle batteries was used for an energy source, with a possibility to be connected to a central distribution gas-main. Assignor – ADAS Partnership, Pernik. Installation power – 245 kW. In January, the company team designed a gas installation meeting the production needs as well as the heating and hot water needs of a parent kitchen, with the investor K-S Boyana – MDAAR, using natural gas as an energy source and with a total power of 120 kW. At the end of 2006 the company experts completed the project entitled Preinvestment Survey for the Design and Construction of a 55 Bar Transmitting Gas-main for Supplying with Gas the Town of Etropole, the Village of Mirkovo, the Village of Chelopech, the Town of Zlatitsa, the Town of Pirdop, with Assignor Elatsite Med AD.
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